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Brilliant women try not to have to go to a beauty parlor but they should be well prepared at home so that time and money will not be wasted and will be well prepared at home. In this article we are such women Telling them about make-up so that they can get well-groomed by following these instructions.
Remember that this year’s color is blue. So if you are getting ready to go to any event, you must use blue color. Before applying make-up, clean your face thoroughly so that there is no dust in it. For this, clean the face thoroughly with the help of any good cleaners so that there is no dust. If massage cream is available, then massage can also be done on the face with the help of massage cream.
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Wash and dry your face. If you are getting ready during the day, use liquid foundation. This will make a thin layer on your face. However, if you are getting ready to attend an event at night, then puff. Or spread it on the face with a beauty blender.
Musarat Misbah is a name in the make-up industry who has done various experiments in the world of make-up and each of his experiences has been highly appreciated.
She often gives her opinion about make-up to family magazines. Talking about make-up trends and hairstyles these days, she said that since the weather is changing, soft make-up should be used. Prefer to thoroughly prepare the skin before applying makeup. First you clean your face thoroughly, then apply moisturizer, if you feel that there is too much oil or dryness on the face, then apply the primer. Use
There are primers available in the market that are formulated for dry and oily skin. He added that after complete preparation of the skin, start the process of make-up. As this time soft and glowing make-up is in fashion. After a light base, apply a high lighter, then brush your eyes with a brush. Apply a liner and a smile. Apply fresh colors on the cheeks so that you feel refreshed.

Musarat Misbah emphasized that one should not compromise when buying make-up items, do not risk the skin of the face by buying cheap items or buy products that have magical claims, such as will turn blonde in four hours. Don’t even pass by such products. I think that before make-up, the skin is thoroughly prepared before make-up, but this was not the case before. First, direct make-up was started by washing and moisturizing the face, but now it is not enough to just moisturize. Goes
A homemade tip to keep skin and make-up fresh is to keep rose water in your home refrigerator and spray rose water on your face every now and then during work in the kitchen or in a routine as well. If you don’t want to use rose water then keep the mineral water in the fridge and keep spraying it on the face like rose water, it will give a feeling of freshness and the skin will also glow.

Asked if lipstick should be applied lightly to deepen eye makeup, he said that sometimes dark eye makeup looks good with soft colors but sometimes dark lipstick with smoky eyes also looks good. Apply any light colored eye shadows on the eyelids to form the base of the eyes. First apply a light green eye shadow with the help of a brush and blend it well.
Then apply a golden eye shadow and brush to the inner corners of the eyes. Blend it well. Then apply dark gray eye shadows on the top of the eyelids and blend it. Then apply golden eye shadow on the line under the eyes first, then apply dark green eye shadow and its Blend with a black eye shadow on top to make it darker.
Apply a green eye pencil inside the eyes. Now, if you want, apply a blue eye liner over the eyes. Then apply a smile, first a coat on the upper lashes then a coat on the lower lashes.
To darken, apply a khaki blush on the brush and blend it lightly on both sides of the nose. Then apply a peach colored blush on the cheekbones then apply a high lighter on the nose bone and forehead. Then apply a mixture of chocolate and black eye shadow over the eyebrows so that the eyebrows stand out. Whenever you put on make-up, be sure to look critically at yourself to see what suits you and what doesn’t.
Housewives who have to spend all day in the kitchen can also stand in the kitchen with light make-up so that when guests come, they do not feel that the woman standing in the kitchen is not ready at all. Even for light make-up. He explained that the skin must first be hydrated, sprayed with rose or mineral water, then moisturized, whether applied with a moisturizing primer.

Straighten eyebrows with a brush, apply lip gloss, liner and smile, apply soft colors to the eyes, use dark brown color to deepen the corners of the eyes if they are going out, because now it is black. Making corners is out of fashion. Which hairstyles are in fashion nowadays? Musarat Misbah said that the weather is changing and more heavy styles do not look good in this season.
If you want to go to an event, you can do curls in your hair as well as it is in fashion trends nowadays.

However, you do not have a special choice because more short hair hairstyles can not be straightened, plus a high pony.

However, you do not have a special choice because more short hair hairstyles can not be straightened, plus a high pony.
Depending on the type of haircut you have, you can see what can be done. If you have long hair, you can experiment with different styles.
Long hair mats can be made, the mats can be adjusted with a couple of pins like a pair over the neck. If your forehead or face is wide, you can remove the lashes from your ears. Finally we asked Musarat Misbah what kind of hairstyle and make-up she likes, so she said I don’t like hair on the neck so I make my hair high, besides I work hard and always prefer soft make-up.

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