Care of ur self

Just like every second or third year we look at the plaster and paint the walls to keep the house decorated, we repeat the cleaning process on a daily basis so that we can live a hygienic and pollution free life as much as possible. Similarly, young girls and women should take some measures to maintain the radiance and beauty of their skin.
Below we mention a few such measures.
Expensive and branded cosmetics are only effective when your skin is healthy, radiant and clean. If there are no skin problems, then let’s make the skin beautiful.
Take a small piece of ginger and make its coffee half an hour and a half before going to bed at night.
(to be continued)

Filter, cool or drink warm.

The body will go away. Eating and drinking will be digested and the eye circles will gradually disappear.
Take a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, crushed almonds and yogurt and mix it with a few drops of lemon and leave it on face, neck and hands for 15 minutes. Try this tip even an hour before going to an event, it will brighten your skin and you will feel that your make-up is very good.
Use plain water to wash your face. Never wash your face with hot water.
Mix two teaspoons of papaya paste, honey as required and juice of one whole lemon and leave it on face, neck and hands for 15 minutes. Then wash with water and immediately spray rose water. The safest whitening mask without any chemical ingredient.

Take a handful of pumpkin seeds, a large cardamom and dried cannabis or malt peel as needed, take a vitamin E capsule from the chemist, break it up, and blend it with a tablespoon of yogurt or fresh milk. Use it on the face for 15 minutes or more. If the feet are getting ugly, you can also apply it on the feet. Your skin will not only shine but it will also go away if you complain of pigmentation.

Nowadays, charcoal mask is also becoming popular in its efforts to protect and brighten the skin. Especially girls with acne-prone face can do this tip. Take a teaspoon of charcoal powder and mix it with milk. Make a thick paste and apply it all over the face and neck and wash your face after 25 minutes. No face wash is needed immediately. Wash your face with plain water.
You will feel the difference yourself.
Take two teaspoons of barley flour, coconut milk, aloe vera gel with a teaspoon of rose liqueur and apply this paste on the whole face in a circle with the help of soft fingers. Excellent and then wash your face with plain water after drying.
Grind rose petals in water and add a little salt.
Dip a few drops of lemon in this water in a deep pot and keep your hands dipped and massage both hands alternately with soft hands. In this way the color of face and hands will look the same.
Make a paste of Hassan Yusuf, sandal powder, a few rose petals. In winter, a little bit of petroleum jelly and a few drops of tea tree oil can also be mixed. This paste also brightens the skin of the hands and removes cuticles.

Prepare a mask by mixing a teaspoon of dry milk, a few rose petals and a few drops of tea tree oil and leave it on the hands and feet for 15 minutes. The skin will be soft and smooth.
If you follow these tips every other day and apply them once or twice a week depending on the sensitivity of the skin, then applying make-up for a surprise party or event will be a very pleasant and interesting experience. Let us say once again that expensive cosmetics want to cleanse the depths of the skin cells. If you do daily cleansing, the skin will remain strong. The beauty of cosmetics will also be clear and you will fall in love with yourself.

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