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Some time ago, when I took up residence in a flat, I felt uneasy. With the scarcity of space, it became difficult to give up the desire for gardening. How many plants could be placed in small pots? Passed in front of K’s flat and was happy to see the vertical gardening and green wall there and also sought to adopt this untouched concept within himself. Today in the same article information is being given on such points.

The trend of vertical gardening is not new but usually people were not interested in it. It is a technique in which plants are grown on vertical panels using the technology. ۔
(to be continued It would not be correct to interpret the concept of indoor gardening as merely placing plants in different rooms or galleries as this vertical gardening can now be done even on the porch

It is also an alternative concept of container gardening.
Living Green Wall
Vertical gardening is also called by this name. A wall at least 60 feet wide is required to grow plants in this manner. This wall can be the lobby of your apartment or it can be the lobby of the hotel. Horticulture as a whole is good for health and also a source of pollution prevention.
If you want to make an amazing change near the front door of your flat, you can also improve the air circulation in the house by adopting this concept.
Vertical gardening specific plants
In this horticultural trend, a variety of plants can be selected, such as the fern (large-leaved plant) Calathea, various vines such as the climbing fig and the paillia.
Gardening can be a healthy way to protect your home and office from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. You can also plant vines if you wish. Green beans and gourd vines can also be planted. It is also a good idea to protect homes and the environment from the temperature.
How to take care of these plants?
Plant care for vertical gardening is usually done under a tray or panel system.
The panel system helps the plants to stand vertically for a long time. Experts say that whether the garden is small or large, it should have a space for gardening against the wall to cool the air around the outside of the house. What can be done. Here we have the opportunity to work standing up. Thus, women and men suffering from joint pain do not consider gardening cumbersome.

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