Simplification of COVID-19 restrictions

Australia has a lot to offer in terms of ‘curve flattening’
Succeeding. Every day in Australia, there are COVID-19 tuxes
The number is very small. It did not help to control the varicose veins
To begin with, we have a series of straightforward ways to ease the restrictions
How COVID-19 was developed in various parts of the country
There are differences. To ease the 3-step final plan restrictions
Provides new ways. States and states are the same
Through these stages, depending on the circumstances and the circumstances
Will be centered at different times.
3-Phase Project
To navigate the ways of tjali and live as COVIDSafe
Australian Health Protection Principal Committee-Yuche (Australian Health Protection Principal)
This 3-step process is based on the recommendations of the Expert Committee)
The first stages are extremely debilitating. Kneeling on the curve
We do not want to lose our temper. These first steps
It’s more than just seeing family and friends face to face
Gives the ends.
This is due to the fact that in the second stage, there are more large-scale collisions
Businesses will also reopen. Long-term COVIDSafe life in the third trimester
Begins to accept the dilemmas and reactions. The virus became a threat
When that happens, it’s just the right thing to do.
Staying at home when you are sick and unable to rally distance
We wish you all the best
There is also a phase. This will make us family and friends
It also helps to keep the community moving as COVIDSafe.
Soriri Alam Polikkal
At least 1.5 meters from the rest of the place whenever possible
We have to rally the distance. There is no such thing as shopping malls
If you feel so bad that you can not walk away from the hospital, that’s it
Rattvari in places. Keep track of them when they are not busy.
Good hygiene
Good luck helping you to get rid of acne. Tsap and chewing gum
Rinse your belongings vigorously, rub your face, you
Sneeze and sneeze as much as you can.
If you feel unwell, stay home and check
Thirty-eight, if you have symptoms of watery diarrhea
It’s as important as touching it at home. Thank you, Ms. Chatterjee,
If you are short of breath, you can avoid getting sick.
Download the COVIDSafe app
If you have not already downloaded, please download COVIDSafe Upload
And FIG. Contact with people with varicose veins
This is a great place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing
Charatujanatogaya is helpful to the employees.
COVIDSafe Australia
We seek to make these changes part of our daily lives.
Success depends on us. You can drive a car out of the house,
How are you, your family, your friends?
Be sure to keep track of your colleagues as well.
It’s about what you do and what you do not do
Weed out the hasty choices.
Find out the best ideas and decisions you can make on your own.
For the worst case scenario, the state-of-the-art
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