Stingy man

Punishment of atingy

It is a matter of many days. A businessman named Abu Qasim lived in Baghdad. He was very stingy. He used to die for money.
Abu Qasim had a lot of money behind him.
Day and night he kept thinking that somehow his wealth would increase but not diminished. All of Baghdad knew that Abu Qasim was a very rich man. But Abu Qasim used to tell everyone that he was a very poor man. He used to eat dry food. The clothes were patched here and there and it was so dirty that it was disgusting to see it and its shoes? Repentance Repentance The shoes were such that even the beggars who were disgusting to look at had good shoes. The original leather had disappeared and patches were visible.
(to be continued)

Abu Qasim’s friends used to call him. You even beat the beggars. Oh brother, now buy new shoes. Leave their lives. Abu Qasim used to say. They have gone a long way. How can I throw them away?
So Abu Qasim used to go to Rawazana Bazaar wearing these shoes, sell old goods and buy new ones and make a good profit.
His wealth was increasing. One day Abu Qasim bought many beautiful and delicate glasses. Then he bought a beautiful perfume.
Abu Qasim brought the glass home and also the perfume. He filled the glass with perfume and said happily. Aha! I will make a good profit by selling this perfume.

In this happiness, he thought that he should take a bath in a wonderful bath today. When Qasim went to the bath, he found some friends there. When he saw his torn old shoes, he said, “If you don’t want to spend money, take it from us.” Change shoes

Qasim laughed and avoided talking. Then he took off his shoes and clothes and put them aside and entered the bathroom. In the meantime Kotwal of the city came to take a bath in the bathroom. He also took off his clothes and shoes and went to another bathroom. He left. After taking a bath, Abu Qasim went out and put on his clothes.
Now when he looked at the shoes, he was stunned. Instead of his torn old shoes, he was wearing brand new shoes. Abu Qasim kept scratching his head for a while and then he thought. Maybe my friends have bought new shoes for me. Let’s get shoes for free.
I saved my money. Thinking this, he put on his shoes and walked home happily. Now the funny thing is that the clown picked up Abu Qasim’s shoes and put them near Kotwal’s clothes and Kotwal’s shoes on Abu Qasim’s clothes. When Kotwal came out, he saw Abu Qasim’s shoes instead of his own.
His soldiers secretly searched the bathroom but did not find the shoes.
Abu Qasim’s shoes were famous all over the city. People recognized him as his shoes. Kotwal ordered that Abu Qasim be brought before him.
He stole our shoes instead of buying new ones.
As soon as he left, the soldiers grabbed Abu Qasim’s muskets and dragged him to Kotwal. Kotwal fined him one thousand rupees and took back his shoes and returned them to him.
Because of these shoes, Abu Qasim became infamous all over Baghdad and he had to wash his hands for a thousand rupees. He thought that these shoes were a problem and should be thrown away.
He came home, opened the window and threw his shoes out. The river was flowing under the window.
The shoes fell into the river. The next day, the fisherman threw the net into the river. Instead of the fish, Abu Qasim’s shoes got stuck in the net, which cut the fisherman’s net from place to place. Got angry
He picked up his shoes and threw them inside Abu Qasim’s window.
There were perfume bottles lying near the window. Shoes fell on the bottles with crackers. The bottles fell on the floor and the perfume was stolen. The helpless Abu Qasim sat down holding his head.
He had lost hundreds of rupees. Now he hated the shape of these shoes. He thought he should throw them in a place where no one could find them. A trick came to his mind. He spoke happily. It will be fine to bury it in the ground, Abu Qasim went to his garden and started digging a pit.
A neighbor came out. He saw Abu Qasim digging a pit and said in his heart. He must have found some treasure as soon as he was digging this pit. I will go and tell the minister now. The king’s order was when someone found the treasure Inform the government immediately or you will be severely punished.
The minister asked Abu Qasim, “Where is the treasure?”
Abu Qasim said, “How is the treasure? I was burying my shoes in the ground.”
The minister said, “Do you bury any shoes in the ground? You must have got some treasure. Tell the truth, otherwise I will give such a punishment.”

Abu Qasim shouted a lot, swore but the minister did not accept one and fined him ten thousand rupees.
Abu Qasim came home crying. These shoes had become a torment for him. He had lost thousands of rupees because of them.
He wanted to throw her in a place where he could never be found.
The next day Abu Qasim left early in the morning and went to another city. There was a pond here. Abu Qasim put his shoes in the pond and watched them until they drowned completely.
Then he breathed a sigh of relief and headed home.
But that lab was no ordinary lab. Water used to go to Baghdad through pipes from that lab. And this water was used by the whole city. Abu Qasim’s shoes reached the pipes and got stuck in the pipes. Closed his mouth.

The people of Baghdad did not get a drop of water. There was a lot of noise in the city. People started marching. The king’s soldiers ran.

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